Marine Staff: Small Vessel Machine Operator (SVMO), Crew in Charge of Engine Room Watch (CERW)

Job Description:

Daily service of vessel engines, example: oil checks, anti-freeze, sea strainers. Ensure daily requirements for daily water, fuel, sewage levels are maintained and recorded, monitor engines during underway times and record required engine temperatures, oil pressure, etc., and complete engine room daily log book and CERW daily logbook. 

You will report engine service requirements to Engineering Consultant, assure engineering consultant with repairs and oil changes to vessels' engines, and maintain engine room safety and cleanliness standards as set out by KTIC.

Job Requirements:

Have a working knowledge of all engine room emergency equipment, handling lines during docking and departing maneuvers, handling small repairs to guest service requirements, attend monthly marine meetings as conducted by Senior Master, assist on board staff with daily operations, and turnaround as required, and participate in fit out and layup as required by Senior Master or Engineering Consultant.