Marine Staff: Vessel Captain

Job Description:

As a Vessel Captain you will supervise crew in all areas of marine safety, maintain vessel operations and maintenance logs, crew reports and vessel records, and ensure safe operation of vessel at all times, including company approved routes, proper use of equipment during daily operations and on board emergencies. 

You will conduct emergency drills in accordance with Transport Canada regulations, inspect all areas of vessel for unsafe conditions, perform primarily accident investigations, and make announcements to ensure the safety and comfort of the crew and passengers.

Job Requirements:  

Accountable for accurate and timely reporting and documentation as set forth by company standards, lead training as set forth by senior master, ensure vessel is clean and well maintained throughout the course of daily operations, attend monthly marine meeting as conducted by senior master, greet guests at gangway location, assist on board staff in daily operations and turnaround, as required, and participate in fit out and layup as required by Senior Master or Engineering Consultant.