Operations Maintenance Lead

Job Description:

The Operations Maintenance lead will have a key role in the management of the primary company assets and related components for Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises and Kingston Trolley Tours, including Vessels – Island Queen, Island Belle, Bateau Mouche (Island Star)  Vehicles – 700 series Trolleys, 300 series Mini Buses, 100 series Service Vehicles Ancillary Equipment – Engines, Generators, Sound Systems, Hospitality Equipment, water systems and other related electrical and mechanical equipment and systems, as well as the Duff St. Warehouse.

Other tasks include:

  1. Working in conjunction with Operations Manager, Senior Master, Company Engineer, Senior Marine offices and Trolley Supervisors as lead to develop system for tracking acquisition, disposal, operational status and maintenance requirements with all defined assets.
  2. Planning, coordination and recording in the execution of regular and timely scheduled maintenance of assets and ancillary components
  3. Participation in emergency or planned maintenance and repairs such as removal and replacement of engines or other major components, overhauls, breakdowns, etc…
  4. Co-ordination of external service where required in conjunction with Operations Manager and Company Engineer including pump outs, waste disposal, fuel supplies and specialty mechanics.
  5. Costing, maintenance and monitoring of parts and supplies inventory by location ensuring accuracy, cost control and loss prevention
  6. Costing, maintenance and monitoring of company tool inventory by location ensuring accuracy, cost control and loss prevention
  7. Review, update and amend documentation and record keeping related to asset Standard Operating Procedures and compliant with regulatory requirements particularly environmental risks.
  8. Daily inspection of Vessels and Trolleys including performing and recording of pre-operational checks and routines
  9. Daily review of operational logs for compliance, consistency and maintenance issues
  10. Daily debrief of Sr. Master and Operations Manager on any issues or concerns
  11. Daily checking and replenishing of mechanical operational supplies and parts such as top up oils, fluids, etc…
  12. Once weekly or more scheduled shift as Machinery Operator on the Island Queen.

Job Requirements

We are looking for candidates who have a positive attitude and are comfortable interacting with guests, hospitality, culinary and reservations staff. The best candidates will be able to work well under pressure and be adaptable in an ever changing environment. Candidates should have pride in the organization and their respective responsibilities. 

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How to Apply:

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