Frequently Asked Questions

Before you cruise, let us answer some important questions for you.

How large are the ships?
For more information - check out the Our Ships section.

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are highly recommended. Groups of 20 or more should always make reservations in advance as a discount may apply.

What number should I call to make reservations?
Individuals can call (613) 549-5544, or use our online reservation system.

How far in advance should I make reservations?
If you're planning for a large group, call us as soon as possible. A few weeks will make it easier to accommodate all of your preferences. Individuals should try to book within 30 days of their planned cruise. Of course, reservations can be made right up to the day of the cruise, provided there is space available. We recommend calling as early as you can, especially for special cruises such as July 1st and other fireworks cruises..

What if I need to cancel?
Once you have made a reservation, you can cancel a sightseeing cruise (a cruise with no lunch, brunch or dinner included) until the boarding time of the cruise. For lunch, brunch or dinner cruises, 24 hour notice is required to receive a refund. K-Pass and package reservations also require 24 hours notice. Cancellation on Group and Charter events is as per the terms of the function agreement.

Which credit cards are accepted?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Interac Debit Cards

Is the gratuity included in the ticket price?
The ticket price does not include gratuities. Gratuities are at the guest's discretion

How do I get to the Crawford Wharf?
For a map and detailed directions, click here.

Where do we park our vehicle?
Convenient parking is available at the dock for buses, however parking for cars is provided at area lots all within waling distance (parking fees extra). Please allow extra time for parking before all weekend and holiday cruises. We recommend the City of Kingston Parking lots nearby, which are the best value.

How early should I arrive for my cruise?
You may pick up your tickets from our Ticket Booth in the park close to the wharf anytime before the cruise time. We generally board the dinner cruise and lunch cruise vessel 30 minutes prior to departure. All sightseeing cruises board about 15 minutes prior.

Do you sail in foul weather?
Most of the time, yes. All our vessels have fully enclosed decks and the Island Star is climate-controlled for your comfort. If for any reason the ship does not sail, the cruise will be refunded.

What kind of food is served?
Menus are provided - click here to view

What type of entertainment is offered?
All three hour and dining events feature live entertainment. The music and entertainment shows provided are a varied as the performers themselves however all include familiar music from Jazz, Rythym & Blues, Pop, Folk and Soft Rock music genres. On the Island Star, the entertainer is the host of the event and also provides the commentary telling the stories of the sites and the region.

Is there a smoking/non-smoking section?
Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises is committed to maintaining a non-smoking environment for our staff and guests, in accordance with the City of Kingston's smoke free Kingston bylaw. Smoking is not permitted anywhere aboard any of our vessels.