3 Hour Heart of the Islands Cruise

"My mother and I took the islands tour and we got quite a bonus -- The River Cats. Spencer & Mike are incredible musicians. What a delight!"

The world-famous 1000 Islands begin in Kingston and span the St. Lawrence River for miles.  Our route on board the triple deck Island Queen winds its way through the small cottage islands of the Admiralty group featuring Napoleon's Hat, Wanderer's Channel, the Bateau Channel, the new, opulent Mandalay Mansion and the historic sights of Kingston.

The Admiraly Islands host the highest concentration of small cottage islands and channels in the 1000 Islands. The Heart of the Islands Cruise is, along with the Sunset Dinner Cruise, our most in-depth cruise in the 1000 Islands. It's the perfect way to explore the remarkable scenery that has made the region famous throughout the world.

Onboard you will enjoy live entertainment, multilingual commentary which describes the history and folklore as you pass by spectacular scenery and island homes, as well as a full service canteen and bar.

Join us for sightseeing, or enjoy a lesiurely lunch onboard during your cruise!

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