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Marine Cadet Program

Marine Cadet Program

For Grade 12 Highschool and Post-Secondary Students

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There are exciting career opportunities in Canada’s passenger vessel industry. Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises has marine cadet positions leading to marine certification and a great summer job while completing your post-secondary studies. Successful applicants are eligible for annual post-secondary tuition scholarships and receive on-the-job training. Preference is given to candidates with boat-handling experience, but no previous marine certification is required.

At Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises, our vessels are under the command of a crew of marine navigation officers: a Master, Mate, and Engine Room Watchperson. Training to begin a career as a navigation officer begins with becoming a marine cadet.

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At Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises, the marine cadet program includes onboard hours, training, certifications, and a post-secondary scholarship program, available to students in any post-secondary program, at any school. The position includes:

  • Summer job with competitive pay.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Transport Canada certifications
  • $1000 scholarship to a post-secondary program of your choice.

For most Cadet program participants, accruing sea time and certifications proceeds over a period of three years:

Cadet Year 1:

Discover a passion for hospitality. As a sightseeing and dining cruise operator, we prize a guest-first approach to visitor experiences. In year one you will begin accumulating sea time by working a summer job as a deckhand: assisting with guest-services tasks, and receiving marine operations training in the engine room and wheelhouse. You will study regulations and complete certification exams.

Cadet Year 2:

Achieve your Mate Limited 60T+ Certification. When you have accumulated the appropriate certifications and sea time, you will complete a Transport Canada exam to achieve your Mate Limited ticket. You are now a marine navigation officer aboard a Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises vessel!

Cadet Year 3:

Work onboard as Mate earning a competitive hourly wage as a key member of our team. With additional certifications and sea time, you can also achieve a Master’s ticket, and become the Captain of a Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises passenger vessel.

Careers in Canada’s Passenger Vessel Industry:

Working onboard a Kingston 1000 Islands Cruise ship is a rewarding summer job that pays well. Joining the Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises marine navigation crew means accepting a position of responsibility. You will work with a team to ensure the safe navigation of your vessel, and build the skills you need to develop as a professional civilian mariner.

To express an interest in finding out more about the program, e-mail First Mate Gillian Morin at cadets@ktic.ca